No-Show Policy

Trip reservations are made so as many riders as possible can use TAPS. Riders who are not ready at the schedule time of their trip waste TAPS resources that would have been made available to other riders. A documented pattern of “No-Shows” that are within the rider’s control may result in service penalties, including loss of subscription service and service suspension.

A No-Show is defined as:

  • Verbal refusal or wave-by of the rider for the scheduled trip when the vehicle arrives at the pick-up location, unless due to late arrival of the vehicle or lack of operator assistance
  • Failure of the rider to board the vehicle within five minutes after the operator has followed pick-up protocol
  • If the pick-up address is located inside a gated community or requires special access, it is the rider’s responsibility to arrange entry for the TAPS vehicle. If a vehicle is unable to enter the pick-up area and the rider fails to meet the vehicle, the rider will be documented as a “No-Show” for the trip

A Late Cancel is defined as:

A “late Cancel” is when a customer contacts TAPS and cancels the scheduled ride after 3 pm the day prior to when the ride is scheduled to occur.

Service Suspension for No-Shows and Late Cancels

A demonstrated pattern of no-shows (as defined above) is seriously disruptive to TAPS service. Three or more no-shows in any 30-day period will prompt a review. Based on the findings of the review, the following steps will be followed:

  • First suspension occurrence will result in a 7 day suspension penalty.
  • Second suspension occurrence will result in a 14 day suspension penalty.
  • Third suspension occurrence will result in a 30 day suspension penalty.

The timeframe for the progressive suspension policy is on (1) calendar year beginning on January 1st of every year.

If you are not able to be present for a ride that you have scheduled and would like it not to count as a No-Show, you must call 800-256-0911 the day prior before 3 PM.