What yesterday’s board meeting means

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Adam who works in our maintenance facility reached out to me this afternoon. He reminded me that I have not been in touch with you for a couple of days. Yeah, it’s been a little wild this week.

Here’s what I know for sure: TAPS Public Transit is still in business.

The board of directors is dealing with the harsh reality that our agency is on the brink. That’s exactly why the board has instructed me to do everything possible to reduce costs and keep as much service on the road as possible. Instead of deciding to turn off the lights, they voted to do all that we can to survive.

Each of us wants to know what does this mean for me and my family? Will I have a job and what will it look like a week from now? What about the money still owed, and paydays coming up?

Paying employees is a top priority. Every dollar of money that comes in goes to pay the people that keep us going.

As Adam said in his email to me, “…things are fluid right now,” and he could not be more on target.

However it comes down, as soon as we have a operations and personnel plan to present, you will know about it. That could be as early as Monday.

Thank you for your support and trust. I take the responsibility very seriously, please know that. I know this is about all us, our families, and those customers that count on public transportation to be there for them.

Tim Patton