Wichita Falls Express Bus Service Planned

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If you live in Montague or Clay counties, getting to and from Wichita Falls gets easier and more affordable with the start of a new express bus service. TAPS Public Transit the agency that operates on-demand, curb-to-curb service in both counties, will begin a regularly scheduled weekday express bus service linking Nocona, Henrietta, and Wichita Falls.

When the service begins there will be at least two trips in the early morning hours, then two trips in the late afternoon at the end of the workday. Additional trips could be added to the schedule as ridership grows. The express bus service is supported by taxpayer funds and fare collections.

TAPS CEO and Executive Director, Brad Underwood, said the express service is primarily for job access, but is available to the public, as well. “While TAPS has served this area for over 20 years, this will be the first fixed route service —a route with regularly scheduled stop times and locations,” said Underwood.

Riders will be able to use the express bus service for jobs and school access, to medical facilities, and for recreational activities. Exact times and fares have not yet been set, nor has a firm start date for the service been decided. Similar TAPS express routes charge $4.00 per trip and are included in the GO Anywhere ($80) and GO Access ($52) monthly passes.

Kenneth Liggett, Clay County Judge and TAPS board member.
Kenneth Liggett, Clay County Judge and TAPS board member.

Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett, who has served on the TAPS Public Transit board of directors since 2008, said the economic impact on both his and adjoining Montague County could be significant. “In addition to offering an affordable way to commute, the express bus service will create driver and administrative jobs, construction of bus shelters, and purchase of services from local businesses,” said Liggett.