Recovery Plan Still on Track After TxDOT Denial of Emergency Funds

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Although it was considered to have a slight chance of approval, the TAPS Board of Directors voted on October 21 to reach out to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), asking for emergency funds. On Thursday, October 29, TxDOT denied the request in a letter delivered to TAPS Board Chairman, Chris Hill. Read the letter here.

TAPS Interim CEO and Executive Director, Tim Patton, said the request is a necessary step that had to be taken. “We have been in touch with TxDOT on a daily basis for the past few weeks and they have been nothing but supportive, but asking them to come up with unscheduled, discretionary, funds was a stretch,” said Patton.

The letter written by the state transportation agency’s executive director, said TxDOT “(does) not have the discretionary funds available at this time,” but that his agency will continue to process all reimbursements for which TAPS is entitled. All government agencies that provide funding for TAPS have been expediting payments.

Patton said the denial by TxDOT is very disappointing, but will not change the aggressive implementation of a recovery plan that was put into motion at the October 21 meeting of the TAPS board of directors.