Get-a-Ride Trip Reservations

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Ride Availability Changes

Recently, TAPS’s Get-a-Ride service has been unable to provide trips to some riders, or to provide trips on the day and time requested. The Get-a-Ride service is operating at capacity on most weekdays, and booking farther in advance.

We have changed some rules to keep the service as flexible and as available, as possible. These changes are having a positive effect, but not enough to ease demand to the level needed.

  • Make your Get-a-Ride trip reservation as far in advance as possible.
  • Consider using a fixed-route bus to get where you need to go. Ask a call agent for information about how you may be able to use a fixed route for some or all of your trips.

For TAPS ADA-Certified Riders:

If you are TAPS ADA Certified, you may be able to get an exception. To larn more, speak with a call center agent at (800) 256-0911.

Rules we have changed to ease demand: