Translator Tool Provides Multilingual Access

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arrowWhile we are primarily an English speaking nation, the number of people who speak other languages is growing. Especially in Texas, where people from around the world come to visit, work, and live. TAPS Public Transit has recently implemented a basic translation feature for its website.

Relying on the successful Google Language Translation tool, TAPS has added the ability to quickly translate its English-based text content into a number of languages with the simple click of a button.

Most Internet users are familiar with finding flag icons that indicate what languages a website is presented. The TAPS website works the same way. Accessing a button on the left sidebar of the website’s homepage allows the user to choose from more than a dozen widely used languages.

How it works

translate toolGoogle found that the key was a focus on mathematics rather than linguistics. It turns out that different languages share many similarities when approached from the perspective of relationships.

For example, the operation ‘king’ – ‘man’ + woman results in ‘queen.” Yeah, it’s a lot more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

Dan Acree is Manager of Communications and Marketing at TAPS Public Transit. “Making our service more accessible is a primary goal of our agency,” said Acree, “and that means not only getting people on and off the bus, but giving them the information they need to use public transportation.”

Acree points out that the translations aren’t perfect, but offer the reader a good starting place to find general information in a way they can begin to understand it.