TAPS Featured in Transit Documentary

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TAPS Public Transit is one of three Texas public transportation agencies featured in a new documentary. TransitWorks for Texas was funded by a state grant, to tell the story of how public and private partnerships to expand public transportation, can impact regional economics.

Transit Works for TexasThe State of Texas Department of Transportation, Public Transportation Division, manages JARC (Job Access Reverse Commute) grants for local and regional transit agencies to facilitate getting people to and from work.

In each segment of the documentary, local partners tell how an urgent need to get people to work, was met through creative planning and a commitment.

TAPS is featured in the 25-minute video, sharing its story of how The Red River Route —connecting North Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma— began with the cooperation of local stakeholders.

Getting People to Work and School

For TAPS, there were two primary needs to be filled. “Grayson College was committed to developing a program to help its associate degree graduates continue their studies at a 4-year university,” said Brad Underwood, chief executive officer at TAPS, “and private business was exploding in Durant, Oklahoma, and they needed to expanding their hiring pool into North Texas.”

When The Red River Route launched on September 25, 2012, the primary partners included Southeastern Oklahoma State University, the Choctaw Nation, and Alorica, a call center operation in Durant.