Advertisers Choose Transit

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There may not be a better buy for advertisers than transit advertising. Consider that ads on buses, inside and out, reach huge numbers of consumers over a wide area. That’s reach and frequency, at an affordable cost.

Reach: the total number of people who will see your ad. Frequency: the number of times an individual is exposed to your ad.

Titan King
“King” window banners are 30″ high by 158″ wide on the street side of the bus. A 4-week run of this size poster on a single bus costs $435.

TAPS Public Transit offers a choice of ad sizes that will help you reach potential customers in greater numbers with high efficiency. That means for every dollar spent, you are creating thousands of impressions.

Committing to Transit Advertising

Last year, when a national insurance provider wanted to reach consumers with their message about annual enrollment opportunities, they chose ads on buses. The advertiser used transit to boost their brand and support other media.

The 44-week campaign was so successful, that the insurance provider is using transit advertising again this year.

Put Transit in the Mix

Find out more about using transit advertising to reach people where they gather, to cover important population centers and areas of activity, and to keep your brand out there —big and bold.