TAPS Gets Special Needs Teens to Work

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Ben SundermanMcKinney resident, Ben Sunderman, 19, starts his first job this month with the help of TAPS Public Transit.

Ben is part of Project Search. Project Search helps young people with disabilities transition from high school to the working world.

Ben will get to work each day using TAPS’s Get-a-Ride, shared-ride, curb-to-curb, service. TAPS has provided over 300,000 trips over the past 12 months, across its 16-county North Texas region including Collin County, where Ben lives with his family.

After applying for an intern position with Embassy Suites hotel in Frisco, Ben got the notice in April that he was hired. A video his mom, Sharon Sunderman posted to the Internet quickly became a viral sensation. (See “Teen with disability learning he got a job will make you smile.”)

“Adults with disabilities can really add value. Just the joy that Ben has at the fact that he is able to get a job and be part of the community. That’s what every parent wants for their kid,” said Sharon Sunderman, in an interview with ABC News.