TAPS Takes Team Building to the Top

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TAPS CEO and Executive Director Brad Underwood has set team building at the top of the priority list for the growing agency. TAPS Public Transit has grown to over 400 percent of its size just four years ago.

“We are not the same agency,” said Underwood, “we have expanded beyond anything we might have expected just a few years ago. Now our mission is to build a cohesive team of people who can elevate everything we do.”

2 Teams 1 GoalOne of the tools being used to accomplish Underwood’s goal for the coming year is the establishment of a department of Organizational Development. Directed by Leah Campbell, the new department reaches past typical human resources responsibilities. “You build a great team by building strong, capable and motivated employees,” said Campbell. “If you put your energy into each individual person, that begins to show in how they work as part of a team.”