TAPS Public Records Available Online

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Public RecordsAs part of TAPS Interim CEO Tim Patton’s pledge of transparency, documents that have been previously provided to the media and others, under the Freedom Of Information Act and open records laws, are now available for easier access here on our website.

The file now includes financial documents for 2014 and 2015, as well as revenue-producing service contracts and grants.

Also included are all documents that were made available to the TAPS Board of Directors in open session.

Patton said the documents have been shared with members of the media that requested them, and to the public in general when asked for. “Comments made at public meetings have told us that more than just the media would like to look at our budgets, contracts and other documents relative to our financial situation,” said Patton.

To download all available documents select Public Records on the main menu of the TAPSbus.com website.