TAPS Uses Local Radio for Outreach

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Each month, TAPS Public Transit hires 20-30 new employees. Most are needed to fill driver positions in Collin and Grayson counties. Finding qualified drivers —those with CDL-A and CDL-B commercial driver licenses— requires that TAPS be in a constant state of recruiting.

radio-outreach“We use all available media including newspaper classified ads, signage, radio, television, and of course, transit advertising on our own buses,” said Nicole Wright, TAPS recruiting manager. TAPS also uses radio to reach candidates across the region.

This month, TAPS launched a 20-week radio campaign to keep applications coming in. Dan Acree, manager, communications and marketing for TAPS explains that radio is a valuable marketing channel.

“In North Texas, radio listening is mostly local. That means people in each county are heavy listeners of local radio stations. And buying local radio is very cost effective,” said Acree.

The campaign uses local stations like KJIM-AM, KMKT-FM, KMAD-FM and KLAK-FM, all stations that include a lot of local news and information.