Dallas Morning News: “TAPS gaining ground in Collin County”

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Transportation writers Brandon Formby and Ray Leszcynski‘s front page story in the Tuesday, Septermber 23 edition of the Dallas Morning News reported, “TAPS continues to gain ground in Collin County,” as an alternative to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

The story was focused on the changing political landscape and how cities in the metroplex  see a way to offer public transportation, without signing up with DART. DART serves 13 member cities.

TAPS has changed the playing field for cities that want public transit for their citizens.

TAPS currently provides paratransit service to Collin County and fixed-route service in McKinney and Allen.

The News reported that TAPS Public Transit has changed the playing field for cities that want to provide basic transit service, but not have to give up 1 cent of sales tax revenue to join DART.

Quoted in the article Brad Underwood, TAPS CEO and Executive Director, said there are ongoing talks with officials in other non-DART cities. “We’re open to doing more projects as they become available and I’m sure we’ll be involved.”