Jeannie Slape Named Chief Admin Officer

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Brad Underwood, TAPS Public Transit CEO and Executive Director has announced a new chief-level position at the agency and a veteran transportation professional to fill the new job.

Jeannie Slape has been named Chief Administrative Officer effective July 1. Slape will work at the agency’s headquarters in Sherman, Texas.

Before coming to TAPS, Slape spent nearly a decade at LogistiCare Solutions as director of operations and general manager in Colorado, and regional manager for Texas based in Carrollton. Her primary skills are in call center management and customer service.

Slape will organize and oversee Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services for qualified Medicaid recipients as TAPS begins operations under a contract awarded this year by the State of Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

TAPS Public Transit will provide NEMT services to a 16-county super region in North Texas beginning in September.