TAPS Ramps Up Hiring Process with New Recruitment Team

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Since 2012 TAPS Public Transit has been expanding. New services, new routes and an expansion into Collin County in 2013, means an significant upswing in hiring at the transportation agency. To meet the demand of finding and hiring qualified workers, TAPS has reorganized and expanded the Human Resources department.

Rob Holman, Director, Human Resources at TAPS said the need to fill jobs has become a task that requires more people and a different approach. “Just two years ago we were handling 10-20 applications each month. Over the last six months we have been processing 60-75 applications per month,” said Holman.

“We are now hiring 10-15 people each month. We need to be hiring 20-30 each month. The changes we’re making to our recruitment operations will hopefully fill that gap,” said Holman. The majority of applicants are applying for driver and call center operations positions. About one-third of the new jobs created in the past 12 months are in Collin County.

“Perhaps the most important change to our hiring process has come in two phases,” said Holman. “Last year we began accepting 100-percent of all applications online at our website. It makes it easy for job seekers to find what positions are available, and to then quickly apply using a simple format.” Other hiring partners like Workforce Texoma also direct qualified applicants to the TAPS website.

Leah Campbell, manager, Recruitment at TAPS Public Transit
Leah Campbell, manager, Recruitment at TAPS Public Transit

At the center of TAPS’s overhauled employment process is the addition of a recruiting department that reports directly to the director of Human Resources. Leah Campbell, a veteran of corporate recruiting with more than 12,000 hires under her belt, has herself been newly hired at TAPS —as manager, Recruitment.

“I come from a operations background, so I fully understand the importance of finding the right people for each job,” said Campbell. “In the coming months we will improve every area of the hiring process —from letting people know what jobs are available, to a simplified application process, and an improved onboarding experience.”

Campbell is assisted by veteran recruiter Nicole Wright who joined TAPS in early March.