New Record Set: 2,017 On-Demand Trips Delivered

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You understand how big a number 2,017 is when you realize that is how many rides were given by TAPS Public Transit’s Get-a-Ride service for a single day: Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

Compare that to fewer than 500 on the same day two years ago. That’s a 300-percent increase.

Get-a-Ride is a on-demand, curb-to-curb, shared ride service offered in a 7 county area of North Texas that includes Clay, Collin, Cooke, Fannin, Grayson, Montague, and Wise counties. TAPS also operates scheduled, fixed route service in Grayson and Collin counties.

Each trip begins with a rider calling the Get-a-Ride call center at (800) 256-0911. When connected to a transportation specialist, the rider gives information about the requested destination and approximate time of return. From there, the transportation specialist enters the data into RideMatch, a software application that matches starting points, destinations and return information with available vehicles.