Want to know who the real heroes are at TAPS?

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I am embarrassed that I have not already thanked the employees at TAPS who continue to show up and do their jobs, not knowing if they will get paid for their efforts. These are dedicated employees who work in administration and in operations.

The operations part of TAPS is where the rubber meets the road, for real. I want to spotlight them in this post.

Through all of this upset over the past weeks, there is a core group of people who keep coming to work, doing their jobs, not knowing when they might see another paycheck. They are the drivers, dispatchers and call center agents. I have not forgotten you! I am working every minute to get us back to normal.

Let me send a shout out and my sincere thanks to our call center agents in Sherman: Maria Macias, Penny Davis, Sheila Notter, and Tamika Hamilton. Why are they still working? It’s simple: They have big hearts and they care about the people TAPS serves.

As call center agents, Maria, Penny, Sheila and Tamika, have built relationships with individual riders. They understand their needs and they work hard to get them where they need to go —in spite of all our challenges.

If you happen to see one of these ladies, remind them how much they are appreciated. For those who have already left us, know that our thoughts are with you.

In my next post I’m going to tell you who’s behind the wheel of TAPS service right now. The drivers who keep the buses running.