This Quiet Sunday Morning

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It’s very early on Sunday morning and I am sitting on the back porch at home with a cup of coffee and the dogs at my feet. I think they sense something is out of the ordinary so they are staying close.

This past week has been tough for everyone at TAPS, not to mention our customers who count on us.

Here’s what I can tell you for sure. Everyone wants TAPS to survive and thrive. Our board of directors is fully engaged and being supportive and creative. That means the world to me.

Meanwhile, the people who keep TAPS running —our maintenance crew, call center agents, drivers, administrative staff, supervisors— are still doing the job in spite of difficult circumstances and an unclear future.

I have had many people come up to me and let me know they are behind this important community service: Providing affordable public transportation for those who need it most. It means a lot to me to hear those kind words and I pass them along to our employees.

And as I sit here on this chilly, damp, Sunday morning I know that if there is a way to get this agency back on track, we will find it. And it will be because our employees, our board of directors, our community leaders, state and regional agencies, and customers are all pulling for us. What more could I ask?

Tim Patton