Purpose. Commitment. Transparency.

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I took a little heat from the print media shortly after my appointment as Interim CEO and Executive Director on September 16.

Purpose.Commitment.Transparency.I sent out a news release announcing my “Moving Forward” initiative. The criticism was that without a published step-by-step action plan, anything else is just meaningless words.

That news release wasn’t just for the news media. I felt it was important to immediately communicate the core values of my leadership and any plan to put this agency back on track; to our employees, our customers, our vendors, our community partners, and all of our stakeholders.

These are the values we will live by as an organization:

Purpose. It’s important that we as an agency get refocused on why we are here. Our purpose is to provide affordable, dependable, public transportation.

Commitment: If you could talk to each employee, one-on-one, you would quickly learn that most of us feel strongly about the part we play in people’s lives. As an organization we need to recommit ourselves to getting back to basics and delivering quality service. That’s going to require that we live within our means and provide as much service as possible within the realities of funding.

Transparency. This may be the single most important thing we can provide to all of our stakeholders. We will communicate our condition in a timely manner. We will share our plans as soon as they have been vetted and approved. We will always be honest about what we can —and cannot— do.

In the coming months I will share my thoughts here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Patton