How Public Transportation Changes Lives

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If you want to understand how important TAPS is to the community, take a look at the comments from people who use public transportation. Click here to visit TAPS Community Forum.

Today, a group of concerned folks came to our meeting on the campus of Grayson College in Denison. Every individual’s story is different, but the theme is the same: TAPS is an important part of being independent.

One student in the school’s GED program, walks a mile each day to board a TAPS bus. His concerns are that TAPS continue to run and expand it’s regularly-scheduled, fixed-route, service in Sherman and Denison. Without TAPS how will Wesley get to school?

D. Martinez uses both the fixed routes and Get-a-Ride, on-demand, service to get to school, and to take care of personal needs like medical appointments and shopping. “I would hate to see anyone denied an education because no transportation is available.”

In the end, the amount of service we can provide depends on the amount of funding we get. It really is that simple. TAPS got in trouble by overextending itself. First the quality of service suffers, then the amount of service is reduced.

Whatever final plan we roll with won’t meet everyone’s needs. But we hope that it will fixed our broken system and put us back on the road to getting people where they need to go.

Tim Patton