Planning Transportation for the Next 25 Years

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What will transportation look like over the next 25 years? Will a toll-road reach Grayson County? Will we be able to board a commercial jet at North Texas Regional Airport? Where can new bicycle and pedestrian trails be built? Those are some of the questions looking for answers as the Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) begins a study of needs that will affect the region between now and 2035.

The MPO is responsible for developing a plan for the future every five years to ensure that transportation meets the needs of local growth and development. Part of that effort includes reaching out to the public for their input.

A short, 11-question survey gives citizens a chance to share their own ideas about what transportation should be in coming years. The survey takes about 1-minute to complete and can be done online at

take-the-surveyBrad Underwood, CEO and Executive Director at TAPS Public Transit, said the survey is an opportunity for every Grayson County resident to give an opinion about what they see as transportation priorities for the next 25 years.

“TAPS Public Transit is part of the region’s transportation infrastructure and the plan that the MPO has a great influence on the kinds and scope of services we will provide between now and 2035,” said Underwood.

This May, the draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan will be shared with stakeholders at a public meeting. Results of the online survey will be included at the open meeting.