Getting encouragement at the mini-mart

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As a Texoma resident, I’m out in the community just like everyone else —getting gas, going to the grocery store, taking my boys to school, attending their activities. I wasn’t looking to be recognized, but being seen on local television puts you in the spotlight. So, when a woman came up to me at the mini-mart, I was a little nervous.

Everyone is concerned about TAPS and the people we serve —the elderly, the handicapped, those struggling to make a living without transportation. I was ready to get chewed out. But that didn’t happen.

The woman told me about her 84 year old mom who still lives in her own home and has depended on TAPS for the past 10 years. But she stopped me to offer support that we get this current mess sorted out. Of course, she is concerned about all that is going on, but she wanted to encourage me, not beat me up.

And she asked about our employees and if I thought things would work out. Will they get paid? I could honestly tell her that, yes, that everyone will get what is owed to them.

Folks are angry and scared. I’ve said that before. All I can do is push things in the right direction and rely on the support of my staff and our board of directors. Our board has different ideas about what to do, but we will come together and make the best decision.

Tim Patton