Mastering the Art of Scheduling

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Recently, two TAPS managers, Karen Kemp and Fernando Molina, attended a conference in Atlanta, GA and earned certifications in the operation of RouteMatch scheduling and routing software.

With more than 8,000 passengers carried in a typical week, TAPS Public Transit relies heavily on its ability to get each person to their destination, in the most efficient way possible. RouteMatch is the backbone of the transit agency’s ability to coordinate passengers and vehicles.

While at the conference, Karen Kemp earned her certification as a Master Scheduler. Kemp joined TAPS in 2003. She was promoted to Scheduling Manager in 2010. During her eleven year tenure she has worked in every area of passenger and vehicle scheduling.

Kemp said one of the best things about attending the conference and classes was to meet RouteMatch users from other communities. “It is such a rich learning experience to share with others how they are using the software, and how they have elevated efficiency through best practices,” said Kemp.

Fernando Molina
Fernando Molina (front row, center) received a Certificate in Master Reporting using RouteMatch software.

Fernando Molina joined TAPS last year as a Scheduling Manager. Molina received a Certificate in Master Reporting from RouteMatch. “When you have the opportunity to meet transit professionals from across the nation, it helps you realize all that can be done with RouteMatch software,” said Molina. “Sharing those tips and tricks that help get the most from the software is a huge plus.”

Of the more than 300 transit workers who attended the Atlanta, GA conference, only 20 were selected for the certification master classes.

TAPS Public Transit COO, Tim Patton, said the emphasis on employee development and training is a key company mission. “Conferences and workshops offer exposure to how other agencies are doing things in different situations, and the access to expert training from top professionals in our industry is essential to staying at a high level of operations.”