Living with uncertainty

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This morning I sat quietly having my coffee, watching my three boys get ready for school. They know I am involved in something very serious, but they are certain that dad has a plan to fix it; whatever it is.

I think about how many people are affected by what is going on at TAPS. It’s obvious that every choice I make has an impact on those to whom we provide service, those who are still coming to work, and to a certain extent those who have already left.

I still believe that TAPS has a fighting chance and I won’t give up on that.

Some have left TAPS through layoffs, others due to the uncertainty we face. I understand and deal with that every day. Meanwhile, many employees continue to come to work with the same belief that I have that the company will make it through this difficult time, repair what has been broken, and get back to business: moving people from here to there, and back again.

The recovery won’t happen overnight, it won’t happen in a week, a month or even a year. It will be long tough road for everyone.

Tim Patton