Keeping It Together

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By end of tomorrow, I expect to have some idea of how many jobs will remain following the service cuts approved by the board of directors last week. I’ve told everyone that I will take fully responsibility for the jobs that will be lost. It may be the most difficult decision I have made in my career.

In business, when people lose their jobs, it is usually for a reason and those people share some responsibility. But in this case, employees are on a list for reasons other than what they have done wrong. Everyone, including myself is up for review. I work for the board, and if they decide I’m not the guy, I will go to the top of the list. No one is safe from this bad situation.

Of course I know that it’s not just TAPS that is reducing payroll. Some of the biggest, richest, corporations are downsizing. Microsoft cut 7,800 workers, Proctor & Gamble laid off 6,000, and Caterpillar let go 5,000, all in the past three months. That doesn’t make me feel any better.

Tim Patton