TAPS Public Information Department Evolving

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The way passengers and other stakeholders get their information about a public transportation agency, is evolving. This is especially true when the agency is a part of daily life for some people. Getting the word out —fast, and effectively— is just one mission of the modern public information office.

marketing_graphicRecognizing the changes in how information is produced and delivered, TAPS Public Transit is expanding the role of the department responsible for communicating with passenger and others. Under a completely reorganized department —now, the Office of Communications and Marketing— the job of getting information disseminated takes many forms.

Dan Acree, manager, Office of Communications & Marketing at TAPS Public Transit
Dan Acree, manager, Office of Communications & Marketing at TAPS Public Transit

Dan Acree is manager of the new Office of Communications and Marketing. He joined TAPS in 2012 as public information officer. Acree has more than four decades of experience in public relations, promotion and marketing.

“A public agency like ours, demands that we deploy as many tools as possible to deliver the message,” said Acree. “There is a place for every discipline —media, community relations, advertising, and promotion— each reaches a different constituency, each with different needs and concerns.”

When TAPS moved to its temporary (two years) headquarters, there was space to build a media studio. The in-house facility lets TAPS Public Transit produce everything from a single video news package, to a full-length “live streamed” video event.

“We are well-equipped and staffed to deliver our message across many channels,” said Acree. “Over the past few months we have had great success with our web-based video news packages, passenger training videos, and employee development content. We are just anxious to increase the quality and  quantity of our production.”