Honoring our operations employees

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Drivers and call center agents are on the front line, serving customers. Without these vital employees, buses don’t move and public transportation doesn’t happen. The truth is, without our people in operations, the rest of us in the office aren’t needed. We know that.

That’s why I was so proud of our ops people who still showed up for work after payroll was missed last week. There were zero no-shows. Those who could not come in to work, notified supervisors well in advance.

This week, payroll is late again. How do you ask employees to keep coming to work without being paid as promised?

Although I have made every effort to keep everyone updated on our financial situation, the information is never enough. For the past two paydays my hopes were high that we could get enough money into the bank to issue checks on time. Each time, money we expected to have did not materialize and we have been left short.

All of us have families to support or obligations to meet. While I hope that employees will stick with us, I also know that’s asking a lot. Anyone that can’t hang in there, just know that I understand.

Tim Patton