Heat Hits Fleet Hard

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Heat ProblemsWith the hottest temperatures so far this year, the TAPS fleet of buses is feeling the pressure. Breakdowns and maintenance issues sidelining buses, have the fleet operating far below usual capacity.

According to Todd Rumsey, TAPS Public Transit Director of Fleet and Facilities Maintenance, keeping buses rolling is a major concern. “The wear and tear on a vehicle in this heat just adds to the number of maintenance problems, and equipment is being pushed to its limit,” said Rumsey.

Fewer buses on the road, means fewer seats for riders. TAPS’s Get-a-Ride on-demand, shared-ride, curb-to-curb, service is dealing with having no seats available for customers who want to book a trip.

Matt Hunt, Regional Director of Operations, says the number of seats available for on-demand trips is at an all-time low. “We are doing our best to accommodate as many customers as possible, but in most cases we’re being limited by equipment availability to about 400 trips per day in Grayson County, and 500 trips in Collin County,” Hunt explained.

Customers who depend on the Get-a-Ride service should check the Get-a-Ride homepage for updates on when certain days are at capacity.