Why we won’t give up

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I wanted you to see what I told our employees today in an email:

I promised I would keep you up to date, good or bad news. We are in a very tough place right now, but we’re not going to give up. People are counting on TAPS —employees and customers— so we won’t go down without a fight.

Cash flow is our enemy. We have money owed to us. TxDOT and NCTCOG are putting our payments at the top of the pile. They are doing all they can within the rules to help us get through this crisis.

TAPS is worth fighting for. We mean a lot to people who depend on us. The public meetings over the past three weeks have made me more aware than ever of how important we are to people’s daily lives and independence. Many of those comments are on our website at TAPSbus.com/forum and I encourage you to read them. Just remember, people are angry and scared. They are speaking from their hearts.

The next Board of Directors meeting is on November 13, 1:00pm, at the TCOG Building. The decisions made there will determine our future. I will keep you informed.

Tim Patton