TAPS Marketing Dept. Helps Foundation Exceed Goals

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TAPS Public Transit has a lot to talk about. From agency news, to general public information, the regional transportation agency uses a number of marketing channels to communicate with stakeholders. Those same media assets are from time to time made available to local community organizations.

Grayson College FoundationGrayson College is a longtime partner with TAPS. The very first fixed route service was designed for the community college and since has expanded dramatically. So, when organizers of the 2014 Grayson College Annual Scholarship Campaign asked TAPS for help, the transit agency heeded the call.

Phil and Betty Roether campaign chairs for the fundraiser, credit the creative work from TAPS Public Transit with helping raise $339,445 —the most ever raised. “The TAPS team, lead by Dan Acree, played a big part in the phenomenal success of this year’s campaign,” said Betty Roether.

“They met with us to pitch ideas and Dan came up with the concept to pair recognizable local leaders with a scholarship student from the same community. It reminded viewers of the importance of education to success.”

The campaign commercials ran across a number of networks on the CableOne television system and reached tens of thousands. You can watch the videos from this YouTube Playlist.