Showing up for work keeps the TAPS doors open and the buses rolling

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Grace, who drives in Grayson County and is still showing up with her co-workers, dropped in for the TAPS admin potluck yesterday. Our now small group wanted to share some quiet time before heading off for Thanksgiving.

Grace has been on local TV a couple of times recently and always supports TAPS and the people we serve. Her positive comments and obviously heartfelt concern for our customers comes through. When our employees support us publicly, it gives others confidence in us. That confidence makes it easier for us to do the things we need to do to keep the doors open, and rebuild this agency.

But today, with all that is going on in Collin County, I think it’s appropriate to thank our drivers there, too. Janet Fuller, Traci Perez, Timothy Zachary, Wiley Sims, Tim Lacy, Rick Horn and Jason Ssutu are keeping the buses on the road under very difficult circumstances.

In my next post I want to mention those in the Grayson County area like Grace, who still come to work and still get people where they need to go. After all, that is the only reason TAPS exists.

We can’t keep our doors open if we don’t pay the people who are coming to work. If the doors are not open and if we are not operating at some level, we cannot create income and everything stops.

Tim Patton