Decatur Hosts TAPS Hiring/Training Center

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With the expansion of services in the western part of its service area, TAPS Public Transit is meeting a need for a regional recruitment and training center, with help from the City of Decatur.

This month, TAPS began interviewing Wise County area job candidates at the Decatur Visitor Center in the historic post office building at 106 S. Trinity Street. The facility is owned by the city, and operated as part of the Decatur Main Street Program.

Decatur City Manager, Brett Shannon, said the city recognizes the importance of public transportation for its citizens. “This partnership, hopefully, will provide many exciting opportunities for TAPS and the citizens of Decatur and Wise County, for years to come,” said Shannon. “We’re pleased to provide the center to TAPS.”

“Having access to the visitor center is a huge plus for us,” said TAPS CEO and Executive Director, Brad Underwood. “In the past we have had to ask job candidates to travel to Sherman for the interview, then commute again for training. Now, Wise County employees have these resources closer to home.”

In April, TAPS Public Transit launched a new Commuter Express Service between Decatur and Fort Worth. The service connects Decatur, Rhome, and the T Intermodal Transportation Center in downtown Fort Worth.

Decatur Visitor CEnter
TAPS Public Transit will now interview job applicants and conduct training for Wise County employees, at the Decatur Visitor Center,