Customer Satisfaction Team Dedicated to Quick Answers

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Customer SatisfactionWhen a transit agency provides over 364,000 trips each year, there will be missteps. Mistakes will be made. Customers will be disappointed. That’s why TAPS Public Transit has a team of well-trained people dedicated to identifying problems and responding to customer concerns.

The Customer Satisfaction Team has a single mission: Respond quickly and get to the bottom of the problem.

Most customer inquiries begin with a phone call to the team’s hotline.

“We have a dedicated phone line that comes right to the team,” says team supervisor, Traci. “When a customer reaches out by calling (855) 331-6732, that call gets heard within a couple of hours during regular business hours.”

Complaints or concerns can also be sent vi email to, or by writing to TAPS. TAPS policy requires that any contact be responded to within one business day.

The team is empowered to expedite certain issues that concern safety and security. Visit this page to learn more about TAPS’s complaint policy.