On-Demand Riders Should Consider Fixed Routes

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If you are a frequent rider with TAPS Public Transit’s on-demand, curb-to-curb service, new fixed routes may give you more flexibility and significantly less wait time when using public transportation.

With the recent expansion of fixed route service —connecting Sherman and Denison on the established Viking Route— many riders who call in to schedule on-demand rides in Sherman and Denison will find that using fixed routes is both, a cost saving, and time saving option.

Fixed Routes Perfect for Regular Trips

If you use TAPS to get to school or work, finding a fixed route that makes sense for you not only saves money, but almost certainly will get you to your destination —and home again— faster that using on-demand service.

On the expanded Viking Route with 42 new pickup and drop off points, finding a TAPS bus stop near your home and your destination can literally save hours on travel time. And when using a fixed route you don’t need to make a reservation. Finally, taking a fixed route is just $1 each way.

In fact, with a bus arriving at each fixed route stop, you are never more than one hour from a departure. Do a little planning and you will be able to get to your bus stop and wait just a few minutes for your bus to come. Then, you can reach any destination on the route in less than a hour at most.

Using Printed and Online Schedules

You can find all of the bus stops near your home or destination by checking online at TAPSbus.com. Just select the route in the main menu. Identify the nearest bus stop and read across to the most convenience time for you. You can also check the destination and estimate when you can expect to arrive.