Campbell and Fuquay Receive Promotions

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Leah Campbell
Leah Campbell, Director of Organizational Development

Leah Campbell has been named Director of Organizational Development at TAPS Public Transit. Campbell joined the transportation agency earlier this year to manage recruiting and hiring. The new directorship encompasses recruiting, onboarding, and employee training and development.

“In the short time that Leah has been with us she has completely overhauled our recruiting and hiring process,” said Brad Underwood, TAPS CEO. “We want to build on those positive changes of how we hire and retain good people. Looking forward, TAPS Public Transit wants to approach these new Best Practices on an organizational level.”

Ronald Fuquay
Ronald Fuquay, Senior Media Specialist

Ronald Fuquay has been promoted to Senior Media Specialist. Fuquay joined the Communications and Marketing department in March 2013. He acts as TAPS’s webmaster, responsible for the agency’s Internet presence. He also designs public information materials, and directs video communications projects.

Dan Acree, Manager of Communications and Marketing at TAPS said Fuquay is a valuable player in an expanding public communications role at the transportation agency. “Ronald has been a huge asset during this time of growth at our agency. How TAPS speaks to its stakeholders is constantly changing,” said Acree. “Ronald manages those marketing channels, and helps maintain our professional image.”