Want to help keep the buses on time?

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If you use TAPS Get-a-Ride on-demand, curb-to-curb service, you know one of the big challenges is keeping on schedule. Of course, traffic is one reason your ride may be late, but a bigger problem is “schedule creep.”

Schedule creep begins when a rider isn’t ready when TAPS arrives for the pick up. Just a 5 minute delay at any 3 pick up addresses creates a 15-minute delay for the next person. You can see how easy it is to get behind schedule.

The busiest time is before 9am and after 2pm.

Travel When Demand is Light

Most regular trips are for riders going to and from work, school, or standing appointments. The busiest time is before 9am and after 2pm.

When possible, scheduling your ride in the slower hours —between 9am and 2pm— helps lessen demand on the system.

When you want to get a ride for shopping, to visit a friend, attend an event, or for any trip that lets you control the travel time consider taking your trip between 9am and 2pm. It works for us. It works for you.