Bill Null Named Driving Simulator Trainer

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Early in 2014, TAPS Public Transit received a grant to establish a regional training facility with a million dollar video simulation suite that mimics what transit drivers might encounter on the road.

Bill Null has been promoted from driver operations to Simulator Trainer to develop programs for the the facility. Null will develop training that will give drivers on-the-road experience in an environment that provides dangerous scenarios in the safety of a virtual world.

In the real world Bill Null has had a long career in business, managing people and operations in a variety of industries. He was chosen for the job based on his past experience, according to Josh Walker, Director of Safety and Security at TAPS Public Transit.

Bus Simulator
The FAAC manufactured simulator was built on an actual bus body and cab provided by TAPS.

“As head trainer, Bill has the responsibility of taking our state-of-the-art facility and designing a curriculum that gives every driver on our team the skills to navigate routine scenarios and extraordinary situations,” said Walker.

The simulator facility was built at the TAPS headquarters in Sherman. The software and hardware —including an actual bus cab that puts the trainee into the drivers seat with hundreds of possible scenarios— can take driver safety to a higher level.

Walker said the driving simulator offers opportunities for other agencies in the region to take advantage of specialized training programs for emergency vehicle operators on a contract basis.

“We think we can offer a valuable service to companies and agencies that understand the importance of training for real world situations in an environment that provides safety, a structured curriculum, and most importantly the feedback of reviewing driver action and providing critique,” said Walker.