Allen CDC Renews TAPS

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Local News CoverageAllen Community Development Corporation (CDC) is continuing a 3-year commitment for TAPS to provide public transportation service. George Chrisman, CDC president, made the announcement last week in his annual report to the Allen City Council.

TAPS began service to Allen on November 18, 2013 with three routes, including The Allen Express, a 7-day-a-week commuter service connecting to DART’s Parker Road Station in Plano.

Chrisman told the city council that providing public transportation is an important benefit for the city’s population. “Public transportation is a very important capability that we provide to the business community,” he said.

Tim Patton, TAPS Public Transit’s chief operating officer, noted that the working relationship between his agency and Allen is strong and that both are committed to future growth in service.

“We have seen ridership increase,” said Patton, “on both the intercity routes and on the commuter connector to DART.”