Hopeful news as we end the week

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For our employees still waiting for paychecks: Knowing how things change by the minute, there is hopeful news today. I expect to have an answer for you on when we can start catching up payrolls. This will be a good day and a huge step forward.

With Thanksgiving coming up, everyone is stressed out and it would be a relief just to have some idea of when the cash will start to flow again. I will keep you advised and HR will communicate any updates, too. If HR does not have your personal email and phone, please contact them.

This is a big deal: A crisis team of finance people loaned to us by North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has been n the building this week to help us submitting reimbursements. They have been very successful in submitting those reimbursements this week.

This team of accountants is a SWAT team that helps agencies like ours. It’s not their first rodeo and they are very good at their jobs.

Tim Patton