TAPS Announces Reduction in Workforce

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TAPS Public Transit will reduce its workforce by just under ten percent, according to CEO and Executive Director, Brad Underwood. The reduction in force is effective on Wednesday, June 3, and will affect mostly administrative staff. The public transportation agency’s last payroll included 385 employees.

Underwood said the agency no longer needs some of the positions it added during the past two years of growth, that included expanding from 7 North Texas counties, to 17 counties in Texas and southeastern Oklahoma.

“Like any business or organization, we are always looking for a way to reduce expenses and eliminate costs,” said Underwood. “We operate with the public trust and funds, and we should always be looking for ways to be more efficient and save tax dollars wherever possible.”

Funding for public transportation —a small part of the Federal Highway Trust Fund— is still operating at 2014 levels, after Congress refused to authorize any long term funding beyond the latest 60-day extension. (See related story.)